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Reeder Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning for Reeder and Wake Forest

I run Fiber Clean out of Rd Dallas, Texas and serve the Reeder areas.  I deliver value to my clients by offering the state-of-the-art cleaning techniques, but give them the flexibility to meet their budget with my flexible, upfront pricing model.  To make this easier for you, I have created an online estimate form for you to use to meet your budget.  

I filled in the first blank, because the number of stairs has a different calculation.  You can fill in the next ones with whatever rooms you like, along with the square footage.  Check Scotchgard if you want it in that room, and the prices will be calculated for you automatically. 

To calculate your square footage, mutliply the length times the width of the room.  If it\'s a bedroom, subtract 50 square feet for a king sized bed, 40 for a queen, 30 for a full, and 20 for a single bed.