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Carpet Cleaner Web Designer

January 15th, 2010 · Uncategorized

If you’ve been here recently, you’ll notice the look has changed. I’m trying to integrate this blog into my website, at least visually and stylistically. It may not be complicated, but it has proved difficult for me. I’m a little out of my carpet cleaning comfort zone! I’m learning a lot, though, and aim to make these sites as informative as possible while at the same time making it easy to find your way around. I welcome comments on these posts, please let me know what you think!

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Carpet Cleaning FAQs

January 12th, 2010 · Uncategorized

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Improved Indoor Air & Allergies–My Experience

January 7th, 2010 · Uncategorized

I started worried about our indoor air quality when all of my kids were taking an anti-allergy medication and blowing their noses all day. They had not had a problem before we moved to our new house, so I thought it must be something that could be solved without medication. I cast about for a solution, three things made the biggest difference: carpet cleaning, frequent vacuuming, and frequent pillow and blanket washing.

First, I had my carpets cleaned. I had done this before, but I had been repeatedly disappointed. I always called the guys in the coupon books that offered the lowest prices. The first fellow brought a portable unit and did a marginal job, but my carpets stayed wet for two days! That couldn’t be good for my air quality. The second company explained that their low priced clean would not work on my carpet because it was dirty, and that the cost for actually using their truck mounted steam machine was actually much higher. They got my carpet clean, but I resented the bait and switch. This left me very wary about calling carpet cleaners. I was very wary about calling another one, but I asked friends for referrals and called someone that got a glowing recommendation. What a difference! He came and did his job with no drama and my carpets were sparkling clean when he left, and dry a few hours later. I no longer dreaded having my carpets cleaned, and not long after that I became a carpet cleaner and started cleaning carpets myself.

I learned in my carpet cleaning classes (classes are not required of cleaners, but reputable ones will take the industry classes from the IICRC) the importance of vacuuming: one time per week per occupant of the house. This was a lot more than we were vacuuming at the time, but the increased schedule left our carpets looking great all the time! This was well worth the effort. I started washing all of the pillows and blankets on people’s beds, beating our rugs, washing the couch pillows (not the ones that are part of the couch! If you do that, they may stop matching the rest of the couch). These actions made such a difference that everyone’s nose stopped running. We stopped the allergy medication for all three of my boys. Naturally, we have kept up our cleaning routine: we vacuum several times a week, keep the floors swept, clean the carpets & upholstery every year, and change our air filters frequently. Nobody in my family has had any problems with allergies since we started this routine.

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Filtration Soiling

January 7th, 2010 · Uncategorized

What are those black lines going around the edge of your carpet? I see these a lot. Sometimes there is a black line under a door that stays closed. These lines are called “filtration soiling.” While lines like this can be caused by smoke (like convection from candles), they are usually caused by an air draft coming out of the seam between the wall and the floor.

This draft is caused by the hvac system, which can’t pull air fast enough through the proper channels. If the hvac system was poorly designed, this would happen, but a clogged air filter is more often the culprit. If the heater can’t draw air though that filter, it has to get it from somewhere else. That will be the path of least resistance, and if your house is fairly airtight, as most recently built houses are, a lot of air will cross the carpet at the walls.

Filtration soiling can be very difficult to remove. In some cases it can’t be removed at all.

The first thing I do is try to clean it while I’m cleaning the carpet, by using a corner tool, prespray and a hot water rinse. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try to remove it the manual way, with a chemical and a handbrush. This is a lot of work, so it’s not priced in with the regular cleaning. I charge $2/foot for removing filtration soiling, but I guarantee the work: if it doesn’t come out, you won’t have to pay for it.

There are things you can do to prevent or mitigate filtration soiling. When you vacuum, you should pull out the vacuum hose and get the edges of your carpet. Your vacuum head does not reach that far. Second, your air filters are a point of resistance for the air coming through your house. Replace your filters frequently (every month would be great, but you do what you can), and replace them with the cheap filters that allow a lot of air through. Expensive filters with microscopic holes give the hvac system more resistance.

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Dry carpet cleaning

January 7th, 2010 · Uncategorized

I’ve had so many people stop and ask me if I do dry cleaning that I put a page on my website about it. For the straight skinny, go to Reeder Dry Carpet Cleaning.

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Furniture indentations

January 6th, 2010 · Uncategorized

When your furniture leaves unsightly dents in the carpet, there are a couple of things you can do. Cut pile carpet is the most resilient to furniture indentations, and they will often go away on their own. Closed loop carpets (like berber carpets) are much harder to get the dents out of. This is a disadvantage to closed loop–they clean very well, but furniture marks stay for a long time. This is true of closed loop carpets made of polypropylene (olefin), as most are. Older ones made of nylon will be more resistant to indentation.

If you are stuck with furniture marks in your carpet, there are a couple of tricks to try. Your success will vary depending on the composition of your carpet, the age of the dents, and the weight of the furniture that created them. However, it’s certainly worth a try, isn’t it?

Your easiest method is going to be to put an ice cube on the dent and let it melt. Go back much later (even as late as the next day) and dab up the water. Use a spoon to lift the pile back up and blend it in.

If you want to do a little more work, you can spray water on the marks, then put a white towel over them, and run a medium hot iron over that towel. Do not iron the carpet! You will find your carpet to be quite incompatible with that kind of direct heat. Also, make sure that your towel does not have any dye in it–you probably don’t want a dyed spot on your carpet in the shape of an iron.

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My pump did not fail!

January 5th, 2010 · Uncategorized

I’m doing a happy dance in Wake Forest, because my frozen pump has thawed without any apparent damage. I’m trying to reschedule the appointments I canceled, and I’m off to Home Depot to make sure this never happens again.

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January 5th, 2010 · Uncategorized

I do not like cleaning carpet when it’s this cold! The metal is so cold, the water takes a long time to warm up, my hands dry out…. Fortunately for me, most of my clients don’t think about carpet cleaning in January either–every year things slow down a lot this month.

That’s okay! I have one son off track from school in January, and if I don’t have any jobs booked, I keep him at home. We’ll have a good time, but after a couple of weeks of part-time work, I’m usually eager to get back on the truck, and Tommy is eager to get back to school.

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Carpet Cleaning Freeze

January 4th, 2010 · Uncategorized

My pump froze last night! I work hard to avoid this. I keep a heater in the car when the temperature will go below freezing. This time it didn’t work. I’ll be down for a couple of days while I get a pump Fedexed to me and put it in.

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New Additions for 2010

December 31st, 2009 · Uncategorized

Fiber Clean proudly announces the following additions for 2010:
We now accept credit cards
We clean tile & grout

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