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Upfront Pricing

These are my real, everyday prices.  There is no bait-and-switch or funny business.  Below is an automated, online quote form that you can use to adjust a job to your budget--just fill in the blanks, check Scotchgard if you need it, and the cost will be updated automatically.

My Prices are as follows:

                     Deep Clean
Ultimate Clean
Basic Clean
  Best Value!
 Full Service  
Lowest Price
  40 cents per square foot  50 cents per square foot 25 cents per square foot
  Steps $3.50 each  Steps $4.00 each Steps $2.00 each(runners only)

 Scotchgard 15 cents per square foot with all levels

To use the automatic estimate form, put the numer of stairs in the first box, then room square footage in each of the rest of the boxes.  To get room square footage, multiply length times width--for example, a 10x12 room is 120 square feet.  Then subtract any beds from square footage: 50 sf for a king, 40 for a queen, 30 for a full, and 20 sf for a single.  Choose your cleaning level, check Scotchgard if you want it, and the totals will be calculated for you.                        

Room (fill in blank)
Square Feet / # of Stairs Cleaning Level Scotchgard? Cost
Number of stairs
  Total :

Upholstery Cleaning

$16 per linear foot ($18 per linear foot for natural fibers)
(measure furniture from one end to another, for example a 6-foot sofa is 6x$16=$96)
discounts for attached cushions

Tile Cleaning

$1 per square foot

Minimum Price

$95 minimum